Sunday, August 21, 2016

~Biscotti, Stuffed Cabbage & New Garden Patio Project~

I love baking!!
I decided to bake some biscotti.
Here's the recipe
I added some fresh grated lemon, 
I love the taste of lemon!!

With a homemade latte,
I'm in Heaven!!
Our family loves stuffed cabbage. My mother-in-law, Mary,
 was from Poland. I was thinking of her and all the wonderful memories and thought I'd make some stuffed cabbage for the family. Here is a very good recipe I used

I picked some fresh pears out of the garden.
So delicious, Orient Pears!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Stan is working on another garden patio area.
He amazes me so much with his energy and ability to design.
I'm so lucky!!
I'll share with you the finished area soon!


  1. Your home and gardens reflect so much love..your baking and cooking too!

  2. Delicious!
    Thank you for sharing
    Lots of hugs from Portugal

  3. The stuffed cabbage looks delicious ♥

  4. I love baking too and I love making biscotti. I use grated lemon in mine too and a little lemon extract in the glaze. I remember having stuffed cabbage from a neighbor when I was a kid. I am pinning this recipe to hopefully bring back more memories! My guy is not handy at all so you are very blessed!

  5. Biscotti, one of my favorites. Can't wait to see the patio finished.


  6. Can you believe I've never tried biscotti, Jody? This looks good. Your stuffed cabbage brought back sweet memories for me. That was one of my mom's dishes she used to make all the time. I love that cheese and wine picture. It should be on Pinterest. :)



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