Wednesday, August 10, 2016

~Painted Table Runner and Simple & Sweet Fridays #232~

I wanted to share with you a project my daughter,
 Katie helped me paint.
I've seen lots of creative ideas on Pinterest and 
wanted to paint a rustic runner for the table.
I found the patterned paint roller at
 ~Flock Patterned Paint Roller~
We decided to use butcher paper to see 
how the design would look.
The Painted House has lots of different patterns 
you can choose from. Also Etsy sells them too!
We really liked the way it turned out.
Katie had to leave the next day,
 so we planned on painting a linen tablecloth
 when she comes home soon.
I decided to set the table this weekend with it.
Our youngest daughter, Carly, was leaving for New York.
She's helping out with opening the new 
Westfield Shopping Complex
 next to the World Trade Center. 
So, I wanted to have a special dinner for her.
I wanted to use vintage napkin rings for some ideas I had. 
Figs, Brie, Grapes and French Bread for appetizers.
I never thought to decorate my candelabra with foliage,
I love it!

Roses from the garden added to the cake and decor.

Just a little color on a painted runner makes everything look

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Rooted In Thyme


  1. Oh my word, what a surprise to see my patio. Thanks so much for the feature and for hosting. I love that painted table runner too. It is amazing.

  2. Such a great idea, Jody, it's very pretty even on paper and that would be terrific for an outdoor party (easy clean up!). Your table setting is so pretty, too. Isn't rosemary the bomb for decorating a table? My plants end up going under just about now but I can at least buy stems in the grocery store!

  3. Your runner is very pretty and what a great idea! The table is beautiful - so nice for your daughter's 'bon voyage'. I love the greenery and roses on the cake <3 xx Karen

  4. So beautiful that painted table runner and the delicious food in matching colours you displayed makes it really gorgeous.

  5. Your runner looks so sweet. Love your beautiful decorated table
    Hugs from here

  6. O MY!! That runner is stunning!! Thanks so much for hosting !! Have a great weekend!!

  7. OHHH I love how the roller worked on the paper. I never thought about how those rollers were used. I have seen them and wondered how would you use them and now I know. Your table is gorgeous,of course everything you do is gorgeous

  8. Wow, the painted table runner is amazing as is the entire it! Thanks for hosting and for featuring my Pergola Post! Happy Thursday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  9. This is such a creative idea, Jody. Your table looks very charming, and I really like the napkin rings. I love figs and they remind me of Christmas time. The cake looks Yummy, and the pink roses are a nice touch. The picture of the cake and the glass is beautiful. What a special dinner you had for your daughter before she left to New York.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. I totally loved the post on the runner. The neutral backdrop for your table setting just sets the mood, and your food and flowers are gorgeous. Sometimes the simpler something is the stronger the design. Thanks so much for sharing and hosting, Sandi

  11. Jody & Stan,
    I am totally smitten with the painted tablecloth on butcher paper!
    I'm always on "the hunt" for those beautiful decorated paper placemats,
    but it appears they haven't caught on in our area!
    I love the candelabra with the touch of greenery!
    Thank you for hosting Simple & Sweet Fridays! each week!

  12. Thanks for hosting to both of you; Have a nice summer, hugs. Monika

  13. What a lovely table setting. I bet it smells so good! I love herbs. I love the table runner. I linked a couple of posts. Thanks for the party!

  14. I simply loved the table runner - great job. It will be amazing when you get it on fabric. The table looks stunning.
    Thanks for the wonderful party - so many great recipes and decorations. Thanks so much.


  15. The painted runner is charming. Great idea to practice first and then repeat it on linen. Lots of pretty details.

  16. This is just stunning! I am planning to order a roller to try! Love this idea. thanks so much

  17. Thanks for the link up! So many great ideas :]

    Edye | Http://

  18. Your painted runner is gorgeous! Thank you for the party!

  19. I love how the painted tablecloth came out! THanks for hosting!

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