Thursday, August 18, 2016

~My Favorite French Garden Books and Simple & Sweet Fridays #233~

I wanted to share with you this week,
 two of my favorite 
~French Garden Books~
These books have inspired me to take photographs
of our garden and cook recipes using our garden's produce.
Kitchen Gardens of France
Louisa Jones
Here are some photos from the book.

I love each garden.
Fresh Garden Cooking in the French Style
Georgeanne Brennan
Foreword by Alice Waters
This book has inspiring garden photos and delicious recipes!

I love reading these books and dreaming of the 
beautiful gardens of France!
You can find both books on Amazon!
~Our Potager Garden Stew~
We made a quick lunch from our garden vegetables;
zucchini, tomatoes, spinach and onion.
We added ground beef and parmesan cheese.
~Garden to Table~

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Enjoy the Simple & Sweet Friday linky party!

Rooted In Thyme


  1. Oh my Bless your Heart! What a surprise when I opened your page to link to your party! Thank you so very much! It is always a pleasure to come visit you. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you for the book recommendations. I enjoyed your post!

  3. These are my kind of books--lovely!Thank you for the party!

  4. Jody and Stan,
    Thanks so much for hosting each week!! Wonderful post that I so enjoyed!

  5. Thanks for featuring our fragrant party "la vie en rose". Today sharing with you lavender project "tilda's whales. Thanks for hosting, hugs from France. Monika

  6. Looks like a fantastic book. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Jody and Stan,
    One amazing book, dear friends!
    If it weren't so~o~o arid here on the Prairie, I might try my hand at vegetable Gardening, once again. "Mr. Ed" and I do well with the Herbs and Roses, so I guess we'll stick to that.
    Thank you for hosting Simple And Sweet Fridays! each week!

  8. Thank you Jodi for sharing some of your French gardening books. Lovely, so romantic. Thank you too for hosting Sweet and Simple Fridays 233. Appreciated

  9. Jodi, your garden stew looks delicious! Thank you for hosting.

    xo Dianne

  10. I'd constantly be looking through those beautiful books! And then I'd book a flight to France! Lovely photos, and great features! I only get one hummingbird at a time at my feeder - that photo is fabulous!

  11. Oh those books are amazing - I LOVE those kinds of "coffee table" books. One can really not have enough of them, that's for sure! Thank you for the party - your features are amazing.

  12. Fantastic books--- can see that it won't be too far of a stretch for you and Stan to improve on what you have!!! Still great, appreciate your reviews.


  13. Jodi,
    I love your French Gardening books. Adding gardening books to my wish list of flea market finds in Paris...


  14. Such beautiful books full of inspiration!!

  15. These books look beautiful and full of inspiration.

  16. I love the Potager style garden!! It is my favorite. I grew some of these French pumpkins you have pictured here and it has been so wet here the stems rotted and it died. THey were beautiful plants I even had baby pumpkins on them. I still have seed for next year. Thanks for hosting!

  17. Such a wonderful book and thanks so much for featuring my Fresh Strawberries Crostata. You made my day extra special. Have a wonderful weekend to you too..


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