Wednesday, October 5, 2016

~A Story About My Maiden Name, Ottobre, Which Means October in Italian and Simple & Sweet Fridays #240~

I wanted to share with you a little bit about my dad's family that came from 
Gioiosa Ionica, Italy.
His family's last name was Ottobre which in Italian means October.
I have always been very proud to have Italian ancestors.
After I graduated from college in 1972,
I saved my money and went to Italy  
with a girlfriend.
I saw many billboards with our last name on them.
Maybe that's why I love the month of October!
Map of Gioiosa Ionica, Italy
Here is a map of showing 
Reggio di Calabria
Some Photos of Gioiosa Ionica, Italy

I went online at "The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation" and 
found this passenger record of my grandfather,
Luigi Ottobre.
I also got the Manifest for the ship,
The Trojan Prince.

My grandfather's name is listed on the bottom.
This is a photo 
showing my grandfather and grandmother.
My dad, Albert Ottobre, is seated in the front left 
(wearing a bow tie).
He had 13 brothers and sisters.
I love this photo.
My dad was visiting relatives in Los Angeles.
My dad is seated in the middle on the left.
For my birthday present this year, 
the kids and Stan presented me with this card.
They photoshopped my face on the "Under the Tuscan Sun" movie poster 
to surprise me with a trip to Italy!!
We're planning the trip now, not sure what month yet.
I'll let you know!
It brought back memories from a paper our daughter, Katie, wrote in 2000 about her great grandfather coming to America. If you'd like to read the short story, click here.

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  1. Jody, what a sweet story about your family. I loved the photo of your dad visiting relatives. That photo is great. Congratulations on being gifted a trip to Italy. It will be fun to see your photos from the trip. Thank you so much for featuring my chalk painted items. It is an honor and a surprise! Have a great week.

    xo Dianne

  2. Jody,
    What wonderful memories you have of your family. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and seeing your photos and records. You will have even more memories when you all go to Italy.

    I was scrolling along enjoying all the features and was overjoyed to see that you also featured my photos of the Chenonceau Chateau fall kitchens. You will have some incredible photos of Italian kitchens and tables to share from your upcoming trip to Italy.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Dearest Jody
    I feel so charmed by your Dad's history, coming from Northern Italy and living here since ever ... well, I feel you a little nearer despite the many miles !

    Hope you're having tha best of week and thanking you for hosting
    I'm sending hugs and more hugs to you !

    With utmost gratitude

    Xx Daniela

  4. Thanks so much for the party, Jody!! We have a lot of people in our area whose ancesters were immigrants from Italy so we do enjoy a rich Italian history here...

  5. Well that was quite a bday:) How cute the book cover!And how nice the trip!

  6. Nice story! Thank you so much for hosting this great party with awesome features! -Journa, from the team at

  7. What a wonderful heritage! I love to hear a person's story of how it all began! Thanks once again for hosting. I can't believe I had never followed on blogger!Wow did so today!

  8. What a wonderful heritage! I love to hear a person's story of how it all began! Thanks once again for hosting. I can't believe I had never followed on blogger!Wow did so today!

  9. Thanks for hosting such a fun blog party and enjoy the weekend. :)

  10. So much fun hearing and reading about your family. How exciting about your trip. Thanks for hosting


  11. Hi Jody, you are finding out such interesting family history. Thank you for Sweet and Simple 240 today, always appreciated.

  12. How exciting! My daughter did a study abroad in Italy this spring. It gave my husband and me a great excuse to go over and visit her. I am so glad we did. What an amazing country!

  13. How sweet about your family. I know the trip will be so much fun. Enjoy the planning.

  14. Hi Jody,
    Your family story was so enjoyable to read! Isn't it wonderful to be able to research and learn all about those who came before us? Happy Friday, Catherine

  15. Omgosh! I love ur ancestry story. I love stuff like this & appreciate u sharing it. It's amazing how much documentation|memorabilia you were able to get. Love it! And super imposing ur face?!?! Best family ever! Enjoy planning ur trip & cant wait to hear all about it. xo- maryjo

  16. Hi Jody, enjoyed your family story, my grandparents are from Palermo, and I have the manifest for their voyage, and a family photo that looks very similar to yours. I love my Italian ancestry as well. Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your trip. And thank you for the party. Have a great weekend. Jeannie

  17. Jody, Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and documents. After my mother passed away, I found all kinds of papers, but I still don't know where my grandparents arrived in America. I know there were several places and I guess I need to explore this.

  18. What a fascinating story about your family name. I love all those old photos. Thanks for hosting.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  19. Hi Jodi, I am your Uncle Warren's daughter Deanna and randomly fell upon your story. We adored Uncle Al and Aunt Toni. Deanna Ottobre Pierog.


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