Tuesday, December 19, 2017

~Christmas Cookies~

I just wanted to share some photos of all the cookies,
 I've been making for Christmas!
Cute sugar snowmen!!
I cut out fondant the shape of the cookies.
I painted the snowmen family with sterling pearl sugar and gels. 
I had a lot of fun creating them!!
I made Lemon Pistachio Wreath cookies.
It was a Martha Stewart recipe.

Thumbprint and Snowballs!!

More sugar cookies with sprinkles!!
Love Christmas Time!!


  1. That is the cutest snowmen cookies I ever seen. Love them
    Hugs from here

  2. Gorgeous, you made so many different cookies. Love that sonowmen family.

  3. Love the snowmen cookies! You've really been busy!

  4. I love doing the fondant on cookies..my flooding..is so awful! Cute cute..happy everything Jody! To you and your beautiful family!

  5. Seriously, those cookies are just amazing! Lovely and charming ;) Happy Holidays from Linzer Lane! xoxo

  6. They all look so yummy! I wouldn't want to eat the snowmen because they are so perfect!

  7. All your cookies look so yummy. Love the cut outs just so fancy and pretty. Those lemon pistachio look so yummy. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  8. They all look lovely and delicious! Merry Christmas. Kit

  9. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Jody, your Christmas cookies not only look delicious, but are so pretty too! I would just want to stare at them awhile before packaging them up!
    I also loved going through some of your past posts too and want to tell you that the succulent tree your husband created is amazing!
    Just so much fun to spend some time here this afternoon.
    sending hugs....


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