Saturday, May 5, 2018

~Celebrate Spring with Flowers from your Garden~

I wanted to share with you photos of a floral project,
 I just finished.
I used a vintage ladder with bouquets of flowers 
from our garden.
A Paris Flea Market sign was hung with it.
I picked fresh flowers from the garden
 and tied them with jute.

The corner of room is next to our kitchen.
You can see a chalkboard with flowers and a collection of old antique rolling pins.

I always have flowers from the garden in the house.
Some are fresh picked or drying.
Celebrate Spring with flowers from your garden!!


  1. That vintage ladder with the bouquets is so very beautiful....and you can just leave the flowers to dry. With the fresh flowers I love it but it will continue to be beautiful when the flowers are dried.

  2. Oh I love the ladder with flowers from your garden. Beautiful
    Hugs from here

  3. This is such a great idea! I have a ladder that could use some added beauty too.

    Glad to see a post from you, Jody. ;)

  4. A lovely post. There are little bouquets, and some bigger ones, of flowers from my garden, all over the house. I can't stop picking them. After the dearth of blossoms in winter it's time to go crazy with blossoms!

  5. Oh so pretty! Your displays are warm and charming. I have a ladder in my kitchen that has flowers from last year and many dried roses that I've received but I have no new flowers blooming as of yet! Spring comes late to our mountains...

    Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy your new week.
    Tamara x

  6. Jody,
    Your flower laden ladder is perfect for spring. How wonderful to have so many different beautiful flowers growing in your garden. I, too, was happy to see a new post from you.


  7. Hi Jody,
    How sweet and from your own garden wooo hooo! Love the ladder too. Where did you get that sweet little bird feeder bowl. That is just adorable. I have not seen one like yours with so many birds on it. Very cute.
    Have a great Sunday.

  8. I love the ladder with dry flowers. So beautiful!

  9. All your flowers hanging are so pretty and cheery. We are just entering spring here so will be glad when things take off blooming. Cute idea with the ladder. Nancy

  10. Oh, there are so many things I like on here today, Jody. The chalkboard with the dried flowers and rolling pins is charming. I only have one rolling pin, but it belonged to my mother-in-law, which is extra special to me. The crown with the hanging dried roses is so pretty. And I love that white dish with the birds! Can I ask where you got that from, it's so unique? The copper pots on the wall look very nice too.

    Wishing you happy May days, Jody.

    love, ~Sheri

  11. Jody, I love your sweet ladder project. Once the flowers dry, you can enjoy them even longer. Love the bird bowl too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  12. I love how you styled your ladder.

  13. Beautiful! I love the ladder and how you decorated this whole area. Of course, your flowers are gorgeous so they really do make the area so pretty.

  14. What a lovely idea! I always dry the bouquets of roses my sweetie buys me for Valentine's Day but hadn't thought about drying other flowers from my garden, aside from the hydrangeas I have in my bedroom. This year I'm going to dry some of the tansy that overwhelms everything else in late least it will bring me joy all winter!


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