Sunday, July 15, 2012

~Seashells and Jasmine~

We have collected shells from all our vacations.
There are so many different ones.
They bring back so many memories.
 Some are so detailed.
The coral hearts are my favorite...
We have a Madagascar Jasmine or also called Stephanotis. It has white flowers when it's in bloom and smells so sweet.
It's growing on the side of the house. 
Florists use this flower in bouquets for weddings.
 When the window is open it smells like heaven. It's definitely a plant you must have...


  1. What a wonderful shell collection you have!

  2. Love how you put the shells together to form a heart. And the stephanotis - it's only a houseplant here in the north. Can't imagine how wonderful it would smell outside in the warm. Gorgeous with it's glossy green leaves and stark white flowers.

  3. Such a gorgeous collection of shells! Love the pictures of the beautiful jasmine, their fragrance is simply 'em! The stamped peat pots and garden markers from your previous post is absolutely adorable:) Thanks for sharing and for your sweet comment. Have a lovely week!~Poppy

  4. Love the pictures of the shells isbrings back memories of my childhood. Love the jasmine. Great pictures.


  5. I love picking up shells...and rocks...seems I always have a little one hanging out in my pocket. And, I have a Star Jasmine - it IS the most heavenly smell when in bloom. Happy Monday, Jody - Tanya

  6. Love the heart shaped coral! Stephanotis is an intoxicating fragrance!

  7. I tried to collect shells on our recent trip to a beach in Sri Lanka but there weren't many to be found. I know that Jasmine smells wonderful. Right now it is too hot over here for much to survive. Have a great week. Tammy

  8. Beautiful shells and great collection! Your flowers are so gorgeous and lush.
    Mary Alice

  9. Oh, I know how fabulous that jasmine smells, Jody! Sure wish it was hardy here in Michigan! Yours is just gorgeous! :)

    xoxo laurie


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