Thursday, September 6, 2012

Collecting Sunflowers and Simple & Sweet Fridays #27

It was just the perfect day to start harvesting a lot of my sunflowers outside.
I love the way they look right after 
you cut them off the stalk.
This was one of the biggest ones.
There's still some sunflowers left on the hill. 
 With the heat in San Diego,
they're growing quickly.

I'll have a lot of sunflowers for next year.
Happy Gardening!

Now on with the Party...
Last weeks Simple & Sweet Features!
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Patsy shared her very creative project about fusing plastic. It's a great way to recycle plastic bags.
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Go check out Daisy Mae Belle's post How to Make Moss Balls!
Melissa will inspire you by using Christmas ornaments to make beautiful sconces with moss.
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Go check out Two Cottages and Tea's post A Sunny Day Tea!
Nancy's outdoor tea party is a lovely place to visit. 
Everyone will love to sit and enjoy a cup of tea there.
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Go check out Enchanted Bella's post Pumpkins!
Rebecca's pumpkins are a fun project with a little bling for Halloween.
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  1. Hi Jody, oh I just love the look of those harvested sunflowers! just linked up, thanks so much for hosting!!

  2. I love your sunflowers too! I have some smalllish ones and two big ones that I think I'll leave for the birds this winter. Nothing like a complimentary buffet when your little bird self is trying to stay warm! Thanks for hosting Jody!! :)

  3. I have made a note in my journal to plant some sunflowers next year! Thanks to your photos, I'm glad I did :-) Thank you so much for hosting each week ♥

  4. Those sunflowers are amazing!! Thanks so much for hosting. I just linked up.

  5. Hi Jody & Stan,
    We used to have squirrels hang upside down eating ours! Funny!
    Thanks for hosting!

  6. Oh, I have always loved sunflowers. They are nice for the Fall season. I would love just browsing through your garden.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. I adore sunflowers!! Yours are so huge, too. Gorgeous!

    Have a fabulous weekend xox

  8. Dear Jody and Stan,
    Thank you so very much for featuring my latest post! I was so surprised and you made my evening! Love all your sunflowers and your garden is so inviting with your lighted paths and raised beds. I never got around to planting the annual sunflowers this year and I miss them so. I usually poke the sunflower heads in my picket fence for the birds to enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again!

  9. Thanks for hosting, Jody! Have a lovely weekend :) My soon-to-be 6yr old son adores sunflowers...

  10. What a huge and wonderful piles and piles of sunflower plant heads. Those seeds ! Thanks for hosting.

  11. You have a beautiful garden. Thank you for featuring my pumpkins. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. What a beautiful picture... sunflower heads all together in a bunch.

    My sweet husband, harvested some of our sunflowers too, and has hung them in the barn to dry.

    Going over to check out the links.


  13. Thanks so much for featuring my "how -to" for the moss balls! Life to the full, Melissa

  14. I love those photos, I planted the giant ones this year and only one grew!!!! dang

  15. I love sunflowers when they are blooming and there is something special about them dried up too. I love leave the centers for the birds to feast on. Thanks for hosting, Laura

  16. You know,Jody,I love your garden...and sunflowers,these amazing have rich harvest!Thanks for sharing again your beautiful garden"s nook!!I,ll try to show these days my flowers!Nice weekend to you and Stan!!!

  17. Thanks for hosting. I'm your newest follower from Sarah Dawn Designs. Have a great weekend.

  18. Beautiful garden! Thanks for hosting each week!

  19. I was having so much fun reading posts and enjoying your wonderful sunflower photos that I almost forgot to join in. Thanks for hosting. I totally fell in love with no. 26's mini vacation.

  20. What beautiful sunflowers...I really wished that I had some.


  21. I absolutely fascinated with your sunflowers! I've never seen such enormous ones. I love how sunflowers fit almost every season, except maybe Christmas! You certainly had some great talent at this party. I have to keep this open and come back and snoop!


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