Wednesday, August 20, 2014

~Lighten Up Your Kitchen and Simple & Sweet Fridays #129~

Adding more light in our kitchen and family room,
 was as easy as changing out our curtains.
I have always loved our burgundy and gold pen striped curtains,
but we needed a change.
Before our daughter, Katie, moved to England,
I had her help me find new curtains and hang them.
Boy, did it make a difference with the sunlight.
We found the embroidery curtains at
 Bed, Bath and Beyond.
I fell in love with the small flowers embroidered on them.
The white corbels are a good accent piece 
with the new curtains.
I love the softness in the room now.
 with the summer light shining through them.
Now we have more of a view of our garden.
An easy way to change a room,

Carly made Stan and I dessert to celebrate.

Simple & Sweet Fridays,
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Rooted In Thyme

Enjoy the Simple & Sweet Friday linky party!

Rooted In Thyme


  1. Beautiful curtains. I love to change mine, because the rooms look so different. Just like a mini makeover.

    Hugs from here

  2. The view from the garden is lovely!

  3. Beautiful, soft, white curtains to draw and delight in such gorgeous and colourful views of your garden! Thanks so much for hosting, and have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I adore your curtains! Have a happy weekend xoxox

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my farmhouse and hosting this great party! xxx...Brooke

  6. Loving the new curtains and the sunshine flowing in. Thanks for hosting and sharing great featrues.

  7. The new curtains really changed the look of the room, and what a view to let in! Very inspiring!

  8. Thanks so much for hosting, Jody and Stan!
    Have a great weekend,

  9. Your new curtains bring the garden inside. Love them!

  10. Your ice cream looks amazing! Thanks for hosting!

  11. I've heard that strawberry and black pepper ice cream is really good, one of these evenings, when it cools down, I am going to try and make some. I love the curtains from BB & B, I am stopping there this weekend hoping to find similar-love the way they lighten up your room.

  12. Thanks so much for featuring my spool rack. Love your new embroidery curtains, they are so pretty!

  13. Jody & Stan,
    I adore the softness of the new lace curtains in your kitchen!!!
    The view of your Garden is such a welcome sight through the glass windows and patio doors!
    Thank you for hosting Simple and Sweet Fridays each week!
    Inspiration abounds @ Rooted In Thyme!!!

  14. Love your great new curtains...beautiful. And, the chandy is beautiful, too. :)
    Dessert....LOOKS AWESOME!

  15. Oh, that strawberry ice cream looks so refreshing. Love your new curtains! Thanks for hosting each week.

  16. Love the light the curtains provide. The ice cream looks delish. Pine nuts on anything for me.

    Thanks for hosting.


  17. Love how the natural light comes in and the softness to the curtains. Very pretty Jody. I am playing catch up with your party and put a couple in this week. Thanks for hosting.

  18. The sheers are a lovely way to lighten your kitchen. I like the curtain rod too with the finials on the end it is a lovely accent piece . Thank yu as always for hosting Hugs!

  19. Thank you so much for featuring my Musically Blended Bloom card! I am so honored. Thanks also for hosting this great party and letting me come over! Smiles. Linda

  20. I love all the features, and your kitchen is lovely! Thank you so much for hosting,Jody!

  21. Thanks for inviting me to your linkup party. I add it to my party list. Have a great weekend. :)

  22. Beautiful new curtains! I love the embroidery texture with the sheerness. So lovely!

    Thank you for hosting and sharing our links. Have a fabulous week~

    Robin "Redo It"

  23. I love all of the features this week - so much inspiration! Thank you for graciously hosting this party,

  24. Thanks for coming by my blog (the recipe one). Your site looks like a fun one to explore.

  25. What a joy to see you visited and joined my blog Jody! Thank you so much! I see you have lots of lovely and creative ideas you are sharing here so I'm following your blog now, too. Cindy from

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