Monday, June 6, 2016

~Summer Meal Ideas~

I love entertaining for the summer with easy recipes.
Easy to put together,
Watermelon & Mozzerella Stacks.
Drizzled with a balsamic glaze and topped with basil!
Grilled shrimp tacos with red cabbage
 is not only pretty, but delicious!
Homemade bread with added 
green Italian olives and cubes of gruyere.
Making bread is always a fun family tradition!
Grilled Eggplant as a appetizer.
Panini sandwiches with brie, bacon, walnuts and honey.

Grilled shrimp with pretty toothpicks for a summer treat!
Grilled portabella mushrooms with diced tomatoes and mozzarella.
 Fresh cauliflower with
garden parsley.
Make a delicious cauliflower summer soup.
Garden tomatoes with burrata cheese drizzled with olive oil.
A simple Maple Bourbon Sour for a hot summer night.
The recipe is from:
Eric Prum & Josh Williams
We made pina coladas using the 
pineapple for the glass. 



  1. Yummy! I'd love to try that bacon sandwich right now!

  2. Oh I agree, that bacon sandwich sounds yummy.

  3. Wow...your recipes are only rivaled by your gorgeous presentation and photography! I am really loving everything and can think of a zillion occasions to make these for. Do you have the recipes?

    Happy summer to you and Stan!


  4. Only the photos of the recipes makes me already mouthwatering. I shall make the watermelon and mozzarella stacks and the panini sandwiches with bacon etc. at the first occasion.

  5. It all looks scrumptious and is making me very hungry, right now. The watermelon and mozzarella stacks...I must try.

  6. Perfect summer time eating. Love them all.
    Now I'm going to have an early lunch! =D
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Jody, these dishes look amazing! I love mushrooms, so that one caught my eye. The eggplant looks Yummy too. My dad would bring in eggplant from his garden every summer, and my mom would cook it up that night for dinner. She fried it with a batter, and it was so good. Oh, this cauliflower soup looks delicious as well. I bet your family loves all the goodies you make.


  8. All the recipes look amazing, I want to try them all. I that pina colada in the pineapple! Super cool!


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