Wednesday, August 31, 2016

~Our New Outdoor Brick Patio and Simple & Sweet Fridays #235~

I wanted to share with you photos of our new outdoor brick patio.
Stan wanted to extend the brick area we had there,
 to have
extra room to enjoy.
I love the aged look of the bricks we picked
 to finish the patio area.
We love using different elements to frame our planting areas.

I decided to take some photos upstairs
 to see this section of the garden.

I love looking onto the vegetable garden
 now to see what's growing.

Next to the patio is our rod iron gazebo.
We hung stained glass windows that my dad and I made.
Looking forward to having our meals in this 
beautiful new garden spot.
From upstairs, I took photos of the area next to the patio.
Our Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom.

Our pink trumpet vine bloomed all summer.
I wanted to share with you a photo I took of Stan when we first started dating.
He lived in San Francisco with his family.
His love for growing plants hasn't changed in 45 years.
Our garden shows it!
I decided to make a dessert to celebrate our new patio area.
Here is the recipe!

Bon Appetit!!

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  1. Jody, I love your backyard. It looks fabulous. I enjoyed the photo of Stan in his younger days. Thank you for hosting!

    xo Dianne

  2. I told you before that I love your garden. It looks fantastic, like no garden I have seen before.
    Hugs from here

  3. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Jody,
    I forgot to mention how amazing your stunning garden looks and I love the new brick patio!! I wish Joe had a green thumb but who knows, since he is retiring, I just may make a gardener out of him yet!!
    Thanks so much for visiting!!


  5. What an awesome patio/outdoor fun space! I know you will enjoy it. It is wonderful! Thanks for hosting.

  6. Doesn't time fly?
    I loved seeing your husband's photo amidst all the plants..Kudos for the new eating your heart stepping stones too:)

  7. Jody and Stan,
    Gorgeous Gardens, dear friends!
    The extension of the brick patio will add to wonderful hours of entertaining!
    I could gaze for many hours upon the lovelies within your Garden!
    Thank you for hosting Simple And Sweet Fridays! each week!
    P.S. Your kind words and sweet visit brought a smile to my face.

  8. Thank you so much for the feature! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Your patio looks so Pinteresting! Pinned ♥

  10. Jody and Stan, Wow! I love your garden and new patio. How big is your space? Love the old bricks and all the history that went into this creation. Thanks so much for the feature on Goodbye Old Paint. Hugs,

  11. Jody, I love it and the character you have surrounding it makes it perfection!


  12. I love brick paths and patios in a yard and yours looks amazing! Such a beautiful garden!

  13. Jody I loved seeing your picture of Stan surrounding by his plants when you first met. What wonderful views down toward your gardens, so many textures and colours and uses. Thank you for such a treat. Thank you too for Sweet and Simple today.

  14. Love your hubby's old pic and what it means to you. Your garden patio looks amazing!
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  15. Wow Great job on that brick patio Jody! So I hope you like guests because I'm pretty sure I want to live in your backyard. Thank you for always sharing your lovely garden with us. I hope you have the best weekend.

    Sarah @ Gypsy Girl Revivals

  16. The patio if marvelous, Jody! It must be just lovely to be out there every day... Thank you for hosting this link party!

  17. Your new patio area is wonderful! Love the upstairs shot of the gardens! Thanks for hosting!

  18. Love your beautiful garden! Thanks so much for hosting and for featuring my kitchen remodel reveal.

  19. You have a beautiful garden and new patio! The bricks lend so well with the gazebo and your garden area. It looks like it will be a wonderful place to entertain! Have a great holiday weekend!

  20. Your patio and gardens are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing them.

  21. Love the patio and your crepe myrtles are beautiful! Thanks for the party!

  22. Truly heaven on earth Jodi! It turned out beautifully! Every time I see your amazing garden, I study it over and over to see the many things you can grow where you live.
    It is just beautiful!!!


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