Monday, October 29, 2018

~Herb Breadsticks~

Just in time for the holidays
~Herb Breadsticks~
I made bread dough and used herbs from the garden;
parsley, rosemary, dill and thyme.
You can always buy packaged bread dough!
Roll out your bread dough into strips.
Brush with a beaten egg.
Chop up your favorite herbs from your garden!

Brush with more egg wash on top of herbs.
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until brown!


  1. Now those look delicious I think I might have to give that a try! Very festive too!

  2. Jody, I know those have to be delicious and of course, you made them beautiful!

  3. These breadsticks are not only yummy looking, but beautiful too.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Smiles :)

  4. Your breadsticks look too pretty to eat. I bet they taste delicious. :0)

  5. Just found your wonderful blog. Wow,, these bread sticks are beautiful. I appreciate fresh herbs vs dried herbs. My mouth is watering just looking at them. Thanks for such a great idea. Do you use both the egg yolk and the white?

  6. They look incredible!! :) Kit

  7. These breadsticks look delicious. The perfect recipe for the holidays.


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