Monday, July 22, 2013

~Chandeliers & Pretty Linens at Warmth Company~

When Stan and I visited the kids in Santa Cruz,
we had to stop by 
~Warmth Company~
 to see all their beautiful things.

 Warmth Company is located in Aptos, California.
Monica Emmert & Naomi Branagan are sisters who own it. 
Warmth Company is a fine home furnishing and clothing store.
I wanted to share with you photos of our recent visit there. 
Lots of beautiful chandeliers!
~Gorgeous Linens~

They have a wonderful selection of everything.

I'm sure you could find one chandelier you love...

~Beautiful Jewelry~

Our kids, Carly and Scott went shopping too!
~Every Day Is A New Opportunity To Make A New 
Happy Ending~
I love this quote!

I love this store and hope you will visit it too.
Say hi to the owners for me,
Monica & Naomi!
~Warmth Company~
140 Post Office Drive
Aptos Village, Calif. 95003


  1. Wow I want one of everything, especially the beds. Wish I had a store like that nearby!! Thanks for sharing.

    -Brittany Ruth

  2. Love this store too! those linens, Bella Notte......sooooo gorgeous, I must remember to make a set for myself when I'm done with making clothes this summer...... Beautiful store!

  3. Wow!... I think I could spend weeks in there (and all of my money!)... I too want one of everything... love those linens!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Oh my. So much pretty things. Love the blue linen with ruffles.


  5. I could lost in dreamland in there - wow, everything anyone could ever want!

    Wish I lived closer! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful shop!! We truly don't have shops like this here so I really enjoyed seeing this! Thanks so much for sharing!


  7. This is a gorgeous shop!! So many beautiful things too look at and that bed was a beauty. We don't have many shops like this around us. What a treat.


  8. ...{gasp}....LOVE! got to google how far away they are from me!-aimee

  9. Jody,
    What a gorgeous shop. Oh I would have loved to be in there and shopping. What eye candy. I bet you had a lot of fun in there.

  10. I have seen such type of chandeliers recently in one shop from where I purchased the decorative lights and lamps for our hotel.
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