Monday, July 29, 2013

~Sunday Afternoon in the Garden~

The weather was perfect today in San Diego.
 Why not stamp some rocks for the garden!
Little mushrooms for the fairies.
Thinking of my favorite place...
A new resting place.
New lettuce to plant.
Our butternut squash is just starting to get bigger.
The lion's tail plant had lots of blooms this year.
Our Clematis is growing on the outside cabinet, so pretty!
I harvested lots of heirloom tomatoes.
A caprese salad sounds good tonight.
Crape Myrtle trees in the entrance for our potting area.
I picked sound fresh flowers for our tables outdoors.

~Artichoke and Rosemary~
A beautiful combination together!

Our new olive tree,
with little olives on it.
Some of our carrots are going to seed.
I might have to cut off some of the blooms for bouquets.
Tomorrow is another day.
A little treat.
 To end a beautiful day in the garden.



  1. Perfect! Where did you get your Paris stamp? I love it!!!!

    Gorgeous photos of your oh so beautiful garden (and your treat looks wonderful too).

    Have a happy week xox

  2. All so pretty!! Did you put some type of sealer on the rocks? That is such a cute idea to use the stamps! And the Artichoke ~ that's amazing, it kinda reminds of Thistle or something like that ~ I'm drawing a blank hehehe!! The perfect end to your week it seems!! Judi

  3. Your lion's tail looks so much like our Bee Balm..must Google..except mine is mauve..or red..
    Love the stones? Simple stamps? Is it a permanet ink?Love them!
    Your garden is so bountiful..
    I nurture my olive tree..but as you know it can only live outside3 months no olives..but I treasure it..your olives are so cute.
    I always have Amaretti Di Saronno here♥Saw minis this week:)
    Well done~!

  4. Oh my, what a treat this was to spend some time with you in your beautiful outdoor spaces.

    Thank you for this "invitation," it was truly delightful.

  5. Wonderful idea to stamp rocks... Your agapanthus are just beautiful. I know they grow everywhere in San Diego and probably taken for granted, but here in Texas they are a special treat.


    1. Oh what a beautiful day in San Diego. We also had a terrific day in Orange County. Soft breezes and not to hot.
      All your veggies look great and those tomatoes - wow. Your garden is terrific. Thanks for sharing.
      Have a great week.

  6. What a fantastic garden you have. Love the flowers, your bouqet and the stamped stones. Everything is so beautiful.

    Hugs from here

  7. I do adore your garden and all your little "accessories" make it special! Love the arbour!

  8. I adore the rocks, how fun is that. Your garden is beautiful. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  9. wooooww......I love all the pictures, and those heirlooms!!! they are my favorite tomato in the world and I do love them the way, I make the BEST caprese in the world! I make it as a treat with my good friend, its a tradition

  10. Hi Jody,
    What a lovely and peaceful garden. Thank you for sharing it.

  11. What a delightful post! From the lovely olive tree to the beautiful tomatoes to the Italian cookie treats! I would be in my garden all the time if I had one like that! Did you use something special to stamp those rocks?- love the stamp designs-- also adore the sweet little gazebo or arbor with the chandelier! where do you find these treasures?

  12. I agree....loved this post...the photos are beautiful! I love the idea of stamping rocks!

  13. Love the rocks!!! Gorgeous garden.

    San Diego has the best weather ever. I miss living there sometimes.

  14. These rocks look absolutely rocking,must say! Loving your blog,will drop in again and I am happily following you.Do drop a while at mine.

  15. Oh my! I love those rocks!! Did you stamp with regular ink?

  16. Oh my very have a magical garden indeed! Thank you for sharing your breathtaking sanctuary.

  17. A perfect day in the garden. Love the stamped rocks - will have to try that. Did you put a protection on them or just leaving them to the elements (not that you have too many in San Diego compared to our snow in Canada)

  18. What a fun idea stamping the rocks, they look very exotic - also is that beautiful thistle like flower from an artichoke? I have never seen one (or eaten one for that matter), it's beautiful.

  19. Your garden is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  20. Your garden looks so pretty!!! I love your mug too!!

  21. I just came in from reading (sleeping) in my garden. It is wonderful to have glorious blooms to view.

    Your garden is lovely.

  22. Your garden is beautiful and healthy! Love the Italian treat:) We like to go and spend the afternoon in Seashore Village in San Diego - in the cutest bookstore and cafe Upstart Crow.

  23. Very enjoyable post. Love the stone stamping.

  24. What a lovely post. And what a fun project idea to share with kids and grandkids in our families. Thank you.


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