Tuesday, July 9, 2013

~Our Harvest of Dwarf Zinfandel Grapes~

This year our Zinfandel grapes are doing very well.
Maybe the weather has a lot to do with the harvest.
It has been very hot in San Diego.
I'm just in awe,
  they're such a pretty purple.
They're next to the house,
 so we get to see the beautiful view of them.

I love the red leaves.

The sprinkler went on and wet the grapes,
they look like they were just dusted with sugar.
Can't wait to try them.
Our crop of the Thompson Seedless is not as abundant.
But they will do just fine
 in a Fruit Salad.
We went to the farmer's market 
and bought some fresh pears and raspberries.
 With all the fresh fruit in season,
it's nice to make a dessert.
A Brandied Pear and Raspberry Galette.
So Good!
I almost forgot I wanted to share with you 
the most beautiful flower.
It's called Hymenocallis (Spider Lily).
It's in the lily family.
My mother had given Stan this lily years ago.
She loved how beautiful it was,
just like her.
Very special.


  1. What a beautiful post- your grapes, dessert and lily is awesome.

  2. Jody, those grapes are spectacular. I remember when you bought that vine. I'll see them tomorrow ...and you
    Ciao Bella!

  3. Wow your grapes look so yummy. I love the spider lily, have never seen that before. Your desserts also look so good and refreshing.
    Have a terrific week.
    Yes our weather up in Orange County has been very HOT and HUMID.

  4. Well I would be ia awe too:)

    My husband makes our wine..here in QC:)For 100 yrs now..:)

    With kits etc..For years.. he was a chemical engineer in water treatment..so all this is right up his alley...
    Imagine if we had our grapes..:)
    Jody the grapes are BEAUTIFUL~

  5. such amazing photos, love those wonderful Zinfandel clusters!

  6. WOW! you are lucky to have such a bountiful garden! Enjoy!

  7. Your grapes look gorgeous!! Love grapes, not only for eating, but looking at:) The shape of its leaf is so lovely and it can be planted for shade! Thank your for sharing!!

  8. Those grapes don't look real. They are so pretty! Great photos! -aimee

  9. gorgeous!
    luv the grapes [and zinfandel wine!]
    the lily is amazing! I am getting ready for our town's Lily Festival July 19-21st and I know they'd be the hit of the show =))
    You should enter your photos for the competition !
    Our town is known as the Lily capital of the world, so you should be able to find the info quickly if you're interested :))

  10. Jody!
    The grapes are spectacular! Your garden is filled with such a lovely variety of flowers and edibles! Thank you for sharing! Happy Summer!

  11. Jody, the grapes are beautiful and your pictures make us feel like we could just reach out and grab them. What will you do with them all? Are you making wine? My old neighbour used to do that with hers.


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