Monday, August 13, 2012

~Blue Birds Make Me Happy~

My neighbor and friend, Jackie Jennings made me the cutest birds today.
She loves paper and has the biggest collection of it and all the things you need to make things with it.
She always brings me cards that she makes.
She loves making cards in 3 dimension.
Well anyways, I was a little depressed the other day thinking about how I miss all my children and she surprised me with my blue birds.
She made them with her cricut paper cutter. 
She made me 5 blue birds to represent each member in our family, how cute is that! It made me happy.
Love you Jackie! 


  1. Wowww they are so sweet and blue !!! like that color !!! from

  2. That was sweet of her and they are pretty. My little bird is going back to college this weekend.

  3. Well, wasn't that sweet?! I know how you feel. Every time our daughters or grandchildren leave after a visit, I go through empty nest syndrome for a few days.

  4. Beautiful little blue birds!!
    : ) Kris


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