Tuesday, August 7, 2012

~Fresh Produce From Our Garden~

I picked fresh tomatoes from the garden this morning.

The yellow corn is pretty tasty this year but the dark purple is just ornamental.
The avocados will be ready in about a month.
Can't wait... 
There's nothing like fresh guacamole.
The figs are ready to be eaten.
Tonight I think, I'll just make appetizers for dinner.
I had to take a photo of 
this  beautiful dahlia. It's such a pretty pink.
It's always fun shopping in our garden for groceries!


  1. One of my very favorite things in the summer is to plan our evening meal around what is fresh in the garden. But now, we are petering out, and the selection is getting sparse. Our avocados have been so very productive this year!! We have several trees, but the Hass are always the favorites!
    Have a nice day...and stay cool if you can!
    XO Kris

  2. Jody,
    That purple corn is spectacular!!! I wonder if any of mine are that color. I hope so.
    Love ya

  3. What a delicious food from your garden today darling.....live the dahlia...enjoy the day....love Ria...xxx..

  4. I love when veggies and fruit are ripe for picking! Would you believe I have never had a fresh fig before!! The avocados look delicious. Please share what you make! :)


  5. The figs make me catch my breath. So pretty. It is good you can shop your garden for groceries because food prices are going up again. Thank you for your wonderful comments. They give me much joy at the end of a long day:}

  6. That dark purple corn is amazing, I love the color!! Thanks for stopping in. Laura


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